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Double Twist Bunchers

We offer complete bunching systems for bare and plated wire which produce standard bunched conductors and unilay stranded electrical conductors (7 & 19 wire) at output levels 15-40% higher than competitive machines. The complete range of conductors produced on Kinrei double twist machines is 32 AWG-6 AWG (0.03-13.3 mm2), and takeup spools as large as 36" (914 mm) are supported.

HK Series

  • Ultra-high speed double twist machines:
  • Machine sizes: HK300, HK560 & HK630 
  • Maximum speeds: 6000 to 9000 twists/minute

NB Series

  • High output double twist machines:
  • Machine sizes: NB760 & NB914
  • Maximum speeds: 3500 to 5500 twists/minute

Standard Features

  • Automatic tension control
  • Smooth wire path
  • Rugged construction high-strength steel bow
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance

Specification Sheets:


Kinrei offers a full range of single twist bunchers and cablers capable of producing bare “smooth bunch” products from AWG 30 to in excess of AWG 10, produced on reels from 400mm (16”) to 1000mm (40”), as well as a complete range of LAN Cables of insulated conductors.

The internal reel is supported on a traversing cantilevered shaft assembly. The shaft has an expandable arbor for locking the reel in place and a safety sensor which stops the machine in case of the reel moving. The reel is driven by its own AC frequency controlled motor. The speed of the reel is adjusted as the machine is running to maintain a constant lay length. All machines included a totally integrated loading and unloading system as part of the machine with no need for any external lifting devices.

Standard Features

  • Automatic lay control
  • Rugged light weight aluminum flyer arms
  • Heavy duty uni-frame construction
  • Integrated loading and unloading system
  • Simple installation, operation and maintenance

Specification Sheets:










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