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Kinrei of America is dedicated to helping its customers with bunching, twinning and cabling solutions that meet the needs of a continuously advancing technology.

Double Twist Twinners and Cablers
Single Twist Cablers
Back Twist Payoffs

Our Twinners and Cablers are designed to produce today's highest performance communication cables:

  • Unshielded and shielded twisted pairs
  • Premise distribution and communication cables
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Video cables
  • Data cables

Machines are available to handle 20" to 36" (500 to 914 mm) take up spools:

  • HK Series Twinners
  • HK560 Twinners
  • NB Series Twinners
  • NB Series Cablers
  • NB630-CB, NB760, CB900 & CB1000

Single Twist Cablers:

FX600, FX800 & FX1000

  • Category 5, 6 and above, UTP and STP Construction

Specification Sheets:




Back Twist Payoffs :




HK-560 w/PV5

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